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    Salvarani North America specializes in the manufacturing of agricultural, turf, grounds maintenance, and landscaping products for the U.S. and Canadian markets.  Salvarani North America was founded to meet the specific needs of North American consumers which differ from their European counterparts. 
    Our objective is to work collaboratively with OEMs in order to manufacture and customize high quality products to specification. Our dynamic team has had extensive experience with OEMs and customers, especially in the design of personalized projects. We have, for example, successfully designed and created personalized controls products such as joysticks, wire harnesses and control boxes.


    In recent years Salvarani North America has diversified its product line which now includes foam markers, booms, 12 volt controls, compressors, manifolds, solenoids,  sports field liners, and accessories.  To complete our line, we also carry Bargam products.

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Salvarani North America carries turf foam markers, flow meters, folding booms, way valves, strainers, washing nozzles, pre-mixers, spray guns, sports line markers, 12 v controls.Salvarani North America carries turf foam markers, flow meters, ball valves, strainers, pre-mixers, folding booms, washing nozzles, 12 v dc controls.

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